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We help Facebook marketers who work with eCommerce brands make their clients more money, improve client retention, and get more done in less time!

TrendTracker brings all of the important eCommerce performance insights into easy-to-read, pre-build,  (benchmark) dashboards that take the guesswork out of optimizing your ads so you can scale winners faster and cut losers quicker.

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TrendTracker is like a Virtual Assistant for Facebook Marketers.

What if you could get (benchmarked) performance insight, actionable optimization suggestions, (slack) alerts on negative trends and automate client reporting all while saving time in your day? 

Say ‘Hello’ To TrendTracker 👋

Say goodbye to the anxiety and stress of missed targets or underperforming facebook ads campaigns.

With TrendTracker, you’ll always be one step ahead.

Don’t let your time and energy be drained by reporting and constantly monitoring ads manager. 

You have better things to do.

Let TrendTracker handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best – generating consistent results and revenue for your clients.

Try TrendTracker today and experience the peace of mind that comes with having an automated and optimized campaign management tool at your fingertips.

No Credit Card Required

Always Be One Step Ahead with TrendTracker

Scale winners faster and cut losers quicker

TrendTracker is designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

No more time-consuming manual spreadsheets. No third-party tools to set up. No more paying Zapier and no technical wizardry is required.

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There will only be 100 founding partner seats available. 

As a founding partner, you will get full access to all existing and future features for the best price ever!




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No Credit Card Required

TrendTracker makes you money or you don’t pay for it.
If you don’t make (your clients) more money or you didn’t save a significant amount of time within 30 days, of using this tool, I’ll refund you the lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t hesitate to reach out via chat to ask us anything

Yes! TrendTracker makes you money or you don’t pay for it.

Just one client that decides not to leave, a few hours saved in your business (time is money), or a deal closed because you used TrendTracker to audit the ad account will pay for the small monthly investment many times over.

If you implemented all the TrendTracker features into your business within the first 30 days, and when you joined at least one office hours call and TrendTracker still didn’t make you money or helped save you time, I will refund you your money.

When you sign up for a free trial you will get full access to TrendTracker for 14 days. 

In these 14 days we will do everything to help you get the most out of TrendTracker. You will have access to a video library with tutorial videos, you can join the office hours calls and the first 7 days you will receive our onboarding emails with tips and tricks on how to use TrendTracker.

Although TrendTracker comes with this default 14-day trial, we will not yet enforce this trial, while we’re rolling out some game-changing updates.

When your trial does come to and end you can upgrade to a pro account from within your dashboard.

For now, yes. But we will expand to Leadgen and we will also include other platforms like Google, Klaviyo. 

When you connect an ad account to TrendTracker it will automatically pull in the performance data for the account from the last 30 days. Out of the box this data then used in 5 done for your reports. (You don’t have to build your own reports)

These reports are a combination of color coded tables and line graphs, which allow you to analyze your data and spot trends immediately. 

The reports that are out of the box available are:

  • Top Level Biz KPI’s
  • Top Level Biz + Offline KPI’S
  • Site Conversion Funnel
  • Traffic Conversion Funnel
  • Funnel Analysis Cost
  • Troubleshoot Metrics
  • Video Play Metrics

👉 Read more in the TrendTracker manual. 

No. At this stage not yet. But we do have plans to do so. 

No. This is the power of TrendTracker. It works out of the box. No technical wizardry is required to get started. 

You can contact support via the chat on the website or the chat from within the dashboard.

Each time you load a report, the data is refreshed. 

You can cancel any time. You can send a message via the chat or email to cancel your subscription. 

👉  You can access the TrendTracker manual from within the help section in your dashboard. This is also where you soon will be able to access the video tutorials too.

You can also get 1:1 support on the weekly office hours calls.  These calls are scheduled on Mondays at:

9AM – Amsterdam time CET:

  • East Coast (New York): 3AM EDT
  • West Coast (Los Angeles): 12AM PDT
  • UK (London): 8AM BST
  • Eastern Australia (Sydney/Melbourne): 5PM AEST

8PM Amsterdam time CET:

  • East Coast (New York): 2PM EDT
  • West Coast (Los Angeles): 11AM PDT
  • UK (London): 7PM BST
  • Eastern Australia (Sydney/Melbourne): 6AM AEST (next day)

Not yet, but we have this on the roadmap. This will be a feature that will exclusively be available for our pro plan users. 

Yes, it does. 🦾
The Performance summary generator is a powerful feature that will help you save lots of time.

With the help of GPT-4 (the most powerful model from OpenAi), you can generate a performance summary report and get optimization suggestions based on your performance data. 

To use this feature, you do not have to have an open AI account or API key.

We handle all that for you. You also don’t have to write a prompt.

👉 Read more in the TrendTracker manual